5 Things I Love About Lagos 


Lagos, Nigeria

Full born and bred Lagosian is what I am and I’m proud of it.

Anywhere I am, when I’m asked the often popular question “Where are you from?” You can be sure to hear me echo the word “Lagos”.

There is this spirit in Lagos and once you catch it you can never be the same.

I once read this fantastic book,  it was actually a compilation of people’s experience in Lagos as visitors and it also touched on the history of Lagos and where it all started. It was titled, “How to be a good Lagosian”.

This book actually changed the way I viewed life and le struggle to get the wealth. Reading first hand experiences of people who are now successful in Lagos kinda touched and put a lot of things into perspective. May I add that Lagos was never as crazy as it is now.

Let me not digress too much, back to the topic, here are the 5 things I love about Lagos:

1. The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Lagosians are focused. I tell my friends who live outside Lagos, you don’t wake up as early as the average Lagosian. Case study,  I stayed in Calabar for a year for my NYSC and by 8am the road is still dry. The first day I experienced this I was like WHAAATTT? activities pick up in Lagos by 4am. By that time you would hear the sounds of bikes, buses and cars moving at high speed to work. What more can I say, people have a very serious attitude to work here in Lagos and there is this mentality of “I must make it” here which I find inspiring.

2. Lagos Night Life – Lagos is the party capital of Africa. Yeah! You heard that right. We love to party.

After the long day’s work, people head out to the hottest clubs, Suya spots and hangout spots to spend some time with friends, drink and be merry.

3. The people – OMG! You can literally find anyone from anywhere in Lagos. Yeah! The population is that much.

According to worldpopulationreview.com the population of Lagos was estimated at 21 million in 2016 making it the largest city in Africa.

It’s not just the existence of a large population but what you can learn from each and every person about different cultures that is awe-inspiring.

4. The restaurants and bukas – You can find all sorts of restaurants in Lagos. From the Thai Restaurant, to Chinese, and the local bukas serving hot amala topped with some ewedu and big bokoto (cow leg) that pleases every part of my system including my stomach of course.

5. Opportunities – Would I say this is more like an extension of the entrepreneurial spirit or the large population. I’ll just stick with the large population as a reason.

This is because there is room to explore whatever talent you’ve got to offer in Lagos and because of this every business is sure of making a sale putting in the right effort.


I have focused a lot on what I love but Lagos also has it’s challenges. From what I see I think when you like a place you just tend to adjust to whatever the city offers. My 2 cents though.

Itesiwaju Eko lo je wa l’ogun.

What do you love about Lagos?

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