Who I Am and Why I’m Here


Hello. My name is Funmilayo Amarvi. I am a Content and Social Media Executive.

I love to travel, play games, go for events, watch movies and most of all listen to good music. Yeah! What a combo. You can call me Funmi the Explorer. Just for jokes. Lol

What has spurred the creation of this blog?

I have an intense passion for well written business articles and poetry. Also, considering the fact that my job requires that I do a lot of writing I have taken this bold step to create this blog to boost my writing skills.

On my blog I would be talking on tech, business and games since that’s where my passion lies and anytime I hear anything related to those areas I’m always eager to learn and also share my knowledge.

The touch of blue is going to be home to in-depth, well researched articles on topics I’m passionate about. I aim to inform and excite new ideas in people to go forth and make an impact in the world that they live in.

Also as an extra, I would be talking on the hottest events happening in Lagos or wherever because I love to go out. Yeah!


I invite you to follow me on this journey.

Stay tuned.

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